How to Hire


Registered companies need to be able to supply contact names and telephone numbers of companies who can be contacted to confirm their trading status and payment history.

Please download our new hirer application form and either fax, email or send this back to us prior to your first hire and then we can hire to you.

Confirmation of adequate insurance cover must also be provided prior to hire commencement. A faxed or emailed order must also be supplied. First hires are always on a payment upfront basis.

We may also require you to come in and collect the equipment the first time you hire from us.

We require a minimum of 48hrs to set up new accounts however this process sometimes takes longer, so please leave plenty of time before contacting us for the first time.

Completion of a new hirer application form does not guarantee that an account will be opened.

Private customers/freelancers

We are able to hire professional equipment to private customers and freelancers subject to certain criteria.

Before we can actually process your first order, we require:

  • 3 forms of ID with your name and address, eg. driving licence, credit card/utility bill. Please note that passports are not sufficient as they do not have your address information.
  • A confirmation of adequate insurance cover for the equipment ordered.
  • Finally, we will take a deposit ¬†whilst the equipment is on hire in addition to the hire fee. Equipment must be collected by the hirer who must also sign a declaration that any damage or losses are chargeable.


If you do not have an insurance policy in place you may wish to contact one of the below media insurance brokers:

Performance – Film and Media Insurance

Allan Chapman & James